SumaiL Returns With Former Virtus Pro Roster

It’s official, SumaiL is back at Dota 2 with a new team called ‘Just Error’. He’ll be playing alongside former Virtus Pro superstars at the Epic League under the new banner.

SumaiL was kicked out of OG as Ceb decided to come back after his early retirement. His next spot was quite an anticipated topic, but now, we finally have all the details.

The new team is comprised of ‘Solo’, RAMZES666, no[o]n, SumaiL and Zayac. The core of VP’s dominant two-year run is now reunited after a season apart.

RAMZES and SumaiL will be returning to their old roles as carry and midlaner, respectively. This is a stark shift from their positions at Evil Genius and OG.

No[o]ne will be the one moved to the offlane position. It’s a curious choice, though, considering both RAMZES and SumaiL have more experience at position three. SumaiL played the role briefly during his tenure at EG, while RAMZES was position three for his last team and previously stood-in for the offlane when playing with VP.

Considering that all three players have had their fair share of carrying their team to victories over the past years, the flexibility and upside of this tri-core are high. There’s no public data on the team as of yet, so the roles might not be set in stone.

The team’s first official series will be against Yellow Submarine. The best-of-five begins at 6am CT and the prize is a berth in Division One of the EPIC League, with a $500,000 prize pool and top-tier teams like Team Secret, OG, and Team Liquid awaiting. Defeat will result a run in Division Two, with a reduced prize pool of just $50,000.

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