About Esports Demon

I believe gaming is important. It means so much to so many. As kids & teenagers, we grew up together playing video games – a few rounds of Halo here, a dash of Smash Bros there. Gaming isn’t just about the titles we play, it’s about the people we play with.

Pioneers of the Esports world had to carve a name for themselves at a time when gaming wasn’t widely accepted. These people rode the untrodden path so that the modern elite don’t have to. As much as I love Esports for its competition, it’s the stories of the players that matter.

These stories of accolade have been well documented in some of my favourite pieces of media;

The Smash Brothers
Free to Play
King of Chinatown
Sons of Starcraft

I watch Esports to root for the players I love. After all, it’s always breathtaking to watch someone at the top of their game – especially if you can appreciate how they got there.

Joe Davine – Esports Demon Founder.