LOL’s Seraphine Review: A Sona Copycat?

Last week, we reported on League of Legends’ latest champion Seraphine—an influencer-like singer-songwriter who had her huge break out by collaborating with K/DA. After weeks of backlash from the League of Legends fanboys (who are known for not being the most receptive to change), Seraphine was finally released. While she does bear some similarities to Sona, I believe the promising singer deserves a chance to be heard.

The most heated wave of backlash for Seraphine came after a series of tweets where the fictional character expressed her struggles with mental health. While many fans hurried to send reassuring tweets, many took offense about these actions.  Their anger came from the fact that many people genuinely needed these messages of comfort and support, contrary to a nonexistent pretty girl. Riot has since stepped forward defending their champion and marketing strategy, stating that the author behind the tweets channeled her real-life insecurities into the account and that any offense taken isn’t anything but a huge misunderstanding. 

Anyway. On to the champion.

As soon as Seraphine was available for purchase, I rushed to buy her. After a game as support, I realized this was a very solid champion. While in theory, her skill set does seem very similar to Sona’s, their gameplay is completely different. As someone who used to frequently select Sona, I could definitely feel the differences. Seraphine engages more in the game, having a much higher damage capacity if built correctly. In this aspect, Sona is a more “laid-back” kind of champion.

Overall, Seraphine is fairly easy to master champion. I got an S score in one of my first games as Support. Her charming ultimate and Slowing E are great additions in any Bottom Lane duo. As a Midlaner, however, I do feel Seraphine lacks attack capacity. My games in the middle lane were not as successful as those in the Support role. However, I enjoyed playing with her so much that I even rushed to buy her 3-for-1 skin set. 

Whether Seraphine was released as a marketing boost tool for Riot or not is not for me to decide. All I can say is that she is definitely worth a chance, she is a great addition to any team and can bring hours of fun. Plus, her skins are super cute.

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