Wheaties Takes a Bite Out of the Spider-Man 2 Hype with $70 Cereal Boxes

Spider-Man 2, one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusives, has certainly garnered attention with its marketing tactics. From humorous tweets to expensive collector’s editions, the game’s marketing team has been leaving no stone unturned. Now, popular breakfast cereal brand Wheaties has joined the party by offering limited-edition boxes of their wheat flakes featuring the masked faces of Spider-Man 2’s dual heroes, Peter Parker and Miles Morales. While collaboration between video games and cereal brands is not unheard of, the price tag on these boxes might raise a few eyebrows.

Wheaties unveiled its “novelty box” for Spider-Man 2 just recently. The box designs themselves are quite simple, consisting of extreme close-ups of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their iconic Spider-Man suits. However, what makes these boxes stand out is the price. Wheaties seems to believe that there’s an untapped market for video game-branded cereal, as they have printed 2,000 cardboard boxes and 500 custom acrylic-cased boxes, both carrying hefty price tags of $45 and $70, respectively. To put things into perspective, a regular box of Wheaties from the local grocery store typically costs around $5.

In a statement on their website, Wheaties expressed their pride in featuring the two Spider-Men on their cereal boxes and how they inspire greatness in everyone. It remains to be seen whether the premium prices will attract consumers or deter them from making a purchase. One alternative option could be to buy the standard or deluxe version of Spider-Man 2 and then visit a local comic book store to get the prequel comic separately.

While the cereal boxes themselves may not seem like a great deal, what makes them potentially worthwhile for collectors is what comes packaged inside. Each limited-edition box will include a copy of the tie-in Spider-Man 2 prequel comic, expanding on the events that have taken place since the previous games. Additionally, Wheaties has partnered with PlayStation’s loyalty program, PlayStation Stars, to offer a redeemable PSN voucher code with every limited-edition box. This code grants access to an exclusive digital collectible of the box itself, which can be showcased on the PlayStation App via various display cases.

With the Spider-Man franchise’s immense popularity and the ever-growing appetite for limited-edition items among fans, Wheaties may find a market for their pricey Spider-Man 2 cereal boxes. However, only time will tell whether gamers will be willing to invest in this unique crossover marketing strategy or opt for more affordable alternatives. In any case, the collaboration between Wheaties and Spider-Man 2 has certainly added an interesting twist to the game’s marketing campaign.

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