Spider-Man’s New Web Wings Take the Game to New Heights

Spider-Man, the highly anticipated superhero open-world action game from Insomniac Games and Sony, has finally been released after years of hype and numerous teasers. Whether you’re playing as Miles Morales or Peter Parker, we have some useful tips to help you save NYC and make your gaming experience a bit easier.

Before diving into the game, it’s worth pre-ordering or purchasing Marvel’s Spider-Man from Amazon, Best Buy, or GameStop. If you missed out on the previous games, don’t worry, Spider-Man starts with an optional video recapping the events of the first game and the Miles Morales-led spin-off. However, we recommend reading a more detailed recap to get a better understanding of the game’s storyline if you didn’t play any of the first game’s DLC episodes.

Once you’ve finished the introduction and are free to explore NYC, it’s important to start upgrading your suit as soon as possible. We recommend focusing on improving your max health and damage output first. This will come in handy during fights, which tend to be bigger and last longer than in the first game. Being able to take extra hits and punch harder will give you an advantage.

While swinging around New York City is incredibly enjoyable, consider using your wingsuit to glide. This not only adds to the fun factor but also allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly, especially if you take advantage of the wind tunnels spread across the city. The wingsuit becomes particularly useful when crossing the East River or exploring the lower-rise areas of Brooklyn and Queens.

Spider-Man offers a variety of visual options, including ray-tracing and different modes. If you own a 120hz TV, you can enable the fps mode for a smoother gaming experience without sacrificing visual details and graphical settings. This mode is especially enjoyable and is a great option if you’re looking for a more immersive gameplay experience.

While the temptation to complete side content and take down random criminals across the city is strong, it’s best to focus on the main campaign initially. By doing so, you’ll unlock more abilities, side content, and collectibles, which will enhance your overall gaming experience. However, don’t wait until the very end to complete side quests, as they build toward a narrative conclusion and offer a more satisfying storyline.

Catching Kraven’s drones and completing all of his hideouts are particularly worth completing mid-game, as they provide additional insight into his character’s backstory and motivations.

Overall, Spider-Man delivers an exhilarating gameplay experience with its web-swinging mechanics, combat sequences, and engaging storyline. By following these tips, you can enhance your gaming experience and enjoy the journey of saving NYC as Spider-Man.

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