Turn Off Those Chatty Flowers: How to Mute the Talking Flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo has released Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the highly anticipated 2D platformer, for the Nintendo Switch. However, before players start experimenting with turning Mario and his friends into giant elephants, there is a gameplay setting that deserves attention, particularly the one controlling the Talking Flowers.

In a recent episode of Nintendo’s “Ask the Developer” web series, it was revealed that Wonder was initially intended to have a live commentary feature, similar to what one would find in a sports game. Although this feature was ultimately scrapped, it found new life through the introduction of the game’s Talking Flowers characters. These flowers shout at Mario and his crew as they walk by, adding a touch of companionship to solo playthroughs.

However, opinions on the Talking Flowers are divided. Some players find their constant chatter quite annoying. Thankfully, Nintendo has provided an option to turn off the voices of the Talking Flowers. By going to the settings menu and scrolling down to “Talking Flower Dialogue,” players can easily switch it to “Voice off / Text on.” This simple adjustment allows players to enjoy the game without being constantly bombarded by the Talking Flowers.

But that’s not all. Nintendo also added a fun option for players who want a different experience. Alongside the voice settings, players can also change the language of the Talking Flowers. This allows for a unique flavor of commentary, adding an extra layer of immersion to the game. Whether players prefer Dutch, English, or any other available language, the Talking Flowers provide an enjoyable and customizable experience.

The introduction of these settings has been met with enthusiasm from players online. Many have expressed delight at the option to mute the Talking Flowers entirely or switch up their language. On the r/Nintendo Switch subreddit, one user expressed relief, commenting, “As soon as I saw that they talk to you automatically when you run by them, I was a little worried. It gave me flashbacks to the GBA Mario re-releases with all those dreadful voice clips.” Another user chimed in, declaring, “And with that one change, this game is a contender for Game of the Year.”

This newfound control over the Talking Flowers is an essential feature for Wonder players. While initially charming, the novelty of the Talking Flowers’ constant chatter may wear thin over time. Knowing how to turn them off or switch up their language settings offers players the flexibility to tailor their gameplay experience to their preferences.

In conclusion, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has made its highly anticipated debut on the Nintendo Switch, bringing with it the joy of exploration and platforming. However, for those who find the Talking Flowers’ voices to be a bit too much, Nintendo has provided a straightforward solution through the game’s settings menu. Players can easily turn off the voices of the Talking Flowers or change their language, adding an extra level of enjoyment and customization to the game. As players embark on their adventure, they can now focus on the whimsical world of Wonder without being disrupted by the chatty flowers along the way.

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