Virtus.Pro Win the Parimatch Season 3 Dota 2 Finals

Virtus.Pro, a well-known Russin Esports team, clean sweep a victory against FlyToMoon at the Parimatch Season 3 finals. The exhilarating match that took place on Sunday in the best-of-five grand final ended with a score of 3-2. It was an equal match and odds favoured the two fairly, resulting in a nail-biting experience for the audience.

Virtus.Pro found themselves in a dark pit when FlyToMoon had a two-map surplus in the first half hour of the game, resulting in a score of 0-2 stacked in favour of FlyToMoon. But the eventual victors pulled themselves together after that. Igor “iLTW” Filatov from Virtus.Pro scored a 7.0/2.7/5.0 kill-death-assist ratio for his team, followed closely by Ukraine’s Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey with a kill-death-assist ratio of 7.3/1.0/7.0.

FlyToMoon previously defeated HellRaisers in the lower bracket finals with a score of 0-2 and earned a ticket to the finals. Unfortunately, despite the hard fight, their luck ran out in finals.

Virtual.Pro brought home a grand prize of $50,000 with the title of champions, adding another jewel to their crown. The $93,000 prize pool was distributed among the top four teams.

  1. $50,000 —
  2. $25,000 — FlyToMoon
  3. $10,000 — HellRaisers
  4. $8,000 — Team Unique

About the Parimatch League

The Parimatch League is a rather new tournament in the esports scene, whose first seasons debuted in October 2019 with a prize pool of $75,000. The second season took place just a few months ago in March. 2020 with raised stakes and rewards. Interestingly, the season two finals were the exact opposite of the season three finals with FlyToMoon on the first place and Virtus.Pro on the second. HellRaisers maintained their third rank streak.

The event is hosted online and organised by ESforce, an esports tournament organisation. Parimatch, a sports betting company sponsors the tournament and thus the name. Eight teams compete in a group stage called Robin Round. The top four teams among the bunch proceed to the main events while the rest have to walk home empty-handed.

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