Team Vitality to Host Upcoming Valorant Tournament

Team Vitality is hosting an open Valorant competitive tournament and you can be a part of it. Named the ‘Vitality European Opens’ series, the tournament will mark the team’s debut as a host of Valorant tournaments. This event will be a part of the Ignition Series, a global chain of Valorant tournaments powered by Riot Games itself. This will mark the first open tournament in the Ignition series which, as per Riot Games, will contain a healthy combination of both open and closed tournaments.

The announcement first came via a Tweet from Vitality’s official Twitter handle. Along with the Tweet, a minute-long video was also uploaded explaining the format of the tournament. First, all the 128 teams will compete with each other in a knock out series to determine the top eight teams. Once the top 8 teams emerge, the format of the tournament will be reminiscent to a normal, big-league tournament.

Eight teams will be split into two groups, ‘A’ and ‘B’. Each team will compete with the other three teams in their respective groups. The best two teams from each group will qualify for playoffs. The playoffs between the four teams will be in a double-elimination bracket and the top two teams will move on to the finals.

The tournament will begin on 5th July, CEST and conclude on the 12th of July. The last day to register is the 4th of July, but that seems quite redundant. Unsurprisingly, not even 24 hours have passed since the tournament was announced and pretty much all the open slots have been booked. At the time of writing this, 127 out of 128 slots have been booked and we’re pretty certain that the last slot will be booked by the time of publishing. Since the tournament will be online, all one needs to register and compete is a stable internet connection. Thus, the entries hail from across the globe as opposed to just European teams.

The prize pool of the Vitality European Open Ignition Series tallies up to €15,000, with the first place being worth €10,000. While it may not seem as hefty as some other pro-level esports tournament, it’s worth noting that professionals teams aren’t going to be a part of this. Commoners like you and me will be competing against each other for a chance at €10,000.

In addition to the €10,000 grand prize, the winners and top teams will also gain global recognition in the esports scene that’s booming at the moment. The tournament will be an opportunity for aspiring esports players to prove their worth.

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