CS: GO Plagued with Controversy—Pro Flusha Convicted For Tax Evasion

On an unfortunate turn of events, the Counter-Strike: Global Offense eSport scene is plagued with controversy once again. While our last report deepened in the suspension of a few pro players due to them betting on themselves, this week’s piece is far more serious. Swedish Pro CS:GO player Robin “Flusha”  Rönnquist is now convicted of tax evasion after failing to report over $100,000, which he had earned in prize money, back in 2015.

According to Swedish laws, prize winnings earned by Pro players should be considered incomes, and thus declared. Due to his failure to declare about 1.04 million Swedish Kronor in 2015, the pro player has been sentenced to four months in prison, and an order to pay his taxes for said prize money. 

When confronted at court, Flusha was quick to plead that his negligence was the product of a misunderstanding, and no ill intent and maliciousness. After hearing and analyzing his case, the court granted Flusha 120 of community service instead of his 4 months at prison. If he were to fail with this commitment, however, Flusha would be prison-bound once gain. Additionally, Flusha must pay a tax surcharge of 40% of his belongings—which would translate to roughly $23,000. He must also pay $100 to the Swedish Crime Victims Fund.

Fnatic’s roster and fanbase will be pleased to hear that despite his conviction, Flusha will be allowed to compete in the Flashpoint Season 2 competition. As long as he avoids imprisonment, nothing in his professional career will change. With a prize of $1,000,000 ahead, this comes as a relief for all parties involved. With such a promising season for Fnatic ahead, we can only hope Flusha has learned from his past mistakes and has learned his lesson. 

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