Valorant Maybe Coming to Mobile Devices Soon

In a recent data mine of the Valorant patch 1.09 update, Valorant Express discovered that the immensely popular 5v5 game may be making it’s way to Android and iOS devices.

In the recent Tweet, Valorant Express dug into the source files of the 1.09 update and found a few references to the mobile port of the game. The official Tweet read “Valorant on mobile is still being worked on. For this patch, some adjustments were made to some iOS devices.”

In Valorant Express’ data mined files, we see specific phrases like “action to perform when double tapping on the left-hand side of the screen” and “BaseProfileName”, along with “iPhoneXS Device Profile” and “use the Jump Button <> to jump over the debris to the highlighted area”, pretty much hinting at a mobile port.

While the data was extracted from Valorant’s official source files, the news may be taken up with the same precaution as a rumour. Until Riot Games gives an official thumbs-up, the Valorant port may be scrapped without any hitch.

Mobile ports of popular shooter such as PUBG and Fortnite have proved to extremely successful, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Knowing the same, Riot wouldn’t want to miss out on the success and reach of the game. The only hindrance is the fact that Valorant is fact-paced First Person Shooter, while Fortnite and PUBG where third-person shooter with a vast map which reduced the pace. The mobile port of Valorant can’t possibly capture the thrill of the PC version. Having said that, the market reach of the game would exponentially increase with the mobile port.

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