Team Secret Defeat Nigma at Beyond Epic Dota 2 Finals

Team Secret has defeated Team Nigma at BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS Dota 2 finals for a grand prize of $80,000. This year marks the 6th consecutive victories for Team secret at Beyond Epic Dota 2. Despite the clear cut score of 3-0, the match wasn’t exactly easy for Team Secret and they faced a few hiccups along the way.

Team secret had a rough start in the event. After losing 2-0 to team Liquid in the opening playoff game, the team dropped into the lower brackets. Despite the loss, Team Secret refused to change their strategy and rely on the same tactics that won them the title of champions in the past five tournaments.

They used a seemingly controlled approach in every match that exposes any weakness in the enemy’s defence, and then exploiting that weakness. The proven tactic worked and Team Secret dominated the lower bracket. With a mission of completely destroying all other teams in the bracket, they rose to 6-0 against the competition. The lower bracket finals were a face-off against Team Liquid, and Team Secret had their chance at revenge for the opening playoff. Indeed, revenge was served when Team Secret swapped a victory with a score of 2-0.

The finals weren’t an easy win either. Team Nigma went on hard against Team Secret, one of their oldest rivals. It was a tough game with even odds, but Secret found their way to victory in the end. Nisha and MATUMBAMAN took control of the game and, together, accounted for 100,000 hero damage that led Secret to victory in the first game out of the three. The third game was the breaking point for Team Nigma as they failed to lane against Secret.

In the end, Team Secret won the tournament yet again for a prize of $80,000. Beyond Epic was not only their sixth straight win, but also the sixth time that the team swept a top-tier contest in the grand finals. Team Secret has proved to be the to a tier above the competition in Europe and elsewhere, reigning their supremacy in Dota 2.

The $200,000 prize pool was divided among top 12 teams. The second, third and fourth places were claimed by Team Nigma, Team Liquid and FlyToMoon respectively for five-digit prize money. Rest of the eight teams had to suffice with four digits.

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