FaZe Clan Signs JasonR as the Captian of Their Valorant Squad

The FaZe Clan has officially signed former CS: GO player Jason “jasonR” Ruchelski to their Valorant lineup. JasonR will serve as the Captain of Faze Clan’s Valorant rooster in the upcoming tournaments. Just an hour after the announcement, FaZe clan also introduced the second member of the Valorant squad, former Overwatch professional Corey “Corey” Nigra.

Jason is a popular Esports streamer with a massive following in Youtube and Twitch. His Youtube channel, called JasonRRR has over 180,000 subscribers while his Twitch channel that simply goes by JasonR has almost 750,000 followers. He’s been grinding Valorant ever since it came out and now he’s got his hands around most of the weapons and the tactics. You can often find Jason streaming on his Twitch. As a professional Esports player, he is most notable for playing as a stand-in for OpTic Gaming’s CS: GO team in 2017. However, given his position as the Captian of FaZe’s Valorant squad, he’ll be parting ways with CS: GO.

Corey, the second member of FaZe Clan’s Valorant squad is a professional Overwatch player, most notable for his place at Washington Justice. He helped the U.S team to win the 2019 Overwatch World Cup as Hitscan DPS player. Corey announced his retirement from Overwatch back in May 2020 to pursue a career in Valorant and has been committed to the game since its release.

Signing JasonR and Corey will attract other high valued professionals to FaZe Clan’s roaster as well. FaZe executives, as well as other professional Esports organizations, expect Valorant to be the next big PVP game in the industry. Even Riot Games officially announced the Ignition series for Valorant, that is “focused on building VALORANT into the next global esport”. Subsequently, the top Esports teams are signing players and beefing up their Valorant roasters to prepare for the upcoming events and series.

Other major sports team are also recruiting players for their Valorant squads. Last week, 100 Thieves signed four members of Highground, a former Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds squad to compete in Valorant. The team will be led by Spencer “Hiko” Martin, who rose to prominence in 2012 as a CS: GO player for Rogue. Ninja, the immensely popular Fortnite streamer also took his dip in the Ignition series with his own team.

Valorant is attracting global attention, and with Riot’s support, it’s well on its way to being the flagship PVP shooter.

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