Spider-Man’s New Sequel: A Mix of Improvements and Compromises Revealed in Direct Comparison

In a recent review, it was stated that the new sequel to Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, titled Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, is not only as good as its predecessor, but even better in many aspects. However, upon closer inspection, there are a few areas where improvements have been made, but also some compromises.

Youtuber Nick has provided a fantastic direct comparison video that showcases the graphical improvements in the sequel. One noticeable change is the increase in traffic density. When comparing the two games, it is almost comical how few cars can be seen in the original version, making the city feel like a ghost town. In the sequel, the number of cars and overall traffic has been significantly increased, creating a more bustling and realistic city environment.

Character models and textures have also seen a significant bump in quality, with improved ray-traced reflections found throughout New York City. One noteworthy improvement is the reflection of buildings on other buildings, adding to the authenticity of the cityscape. Additionally, the rivers in NYC have been enhanced with better reflections and more lifelike physics when objects like boats interact with the water.

However, there have been a few cutbacks and compromises made in certain areas. One noticeable change is the reduced number of pedestrians in the city. Some areas feel more devoid of people than expected, but this was likely done to add more variety to crowds and maintain smooth performance. While this change may not be immediately noticeable during gameplay, it becomes apparent when compared to the original game.

Furthermore, smaller details like soda cans in trash bins and newspapers lying on rooftops are not as visually appealing up close as they were in the original game. The level of detail in the city also seems reduced, with objects like distant radio towers, AC units, and trees missing or lower quality when viewed up close. These changes were likely necessary due to the increased map size, which now includes Brooklyn and Queens, nearly doubling the playable space. To maintain performance and prevent dips, tweaks were made to allocate resources elsewhere.

In an update, it is mentioned that there may be a bug with the game’s engine’s level of detail system when installed on a secondary drive. This could potentially impact the visual quality of certain objects, which might explain some of the inconsistencies observed.

Overall, Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel showcases numerous improvements in graphics and gameplay. While there are a few compromises, they seem to be necessary to maintain performance and accommodate the expanded game world. Fans of the original game are likely to appreciate the enhancements and enjoy exploring the ever-expanding virtual New York City.

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