Devolver Digital Leads Gaming Industry in Supporting Relief Efforts for Palestinians Affected by Israel’s Attacks on Gaza

Gaming studios and publishers have often stepped up during times of crisis to offer support and raise funds for people in need. CD Projekt Red, the developer behind Cyberpunk 2077, contributed to a fund for victims of the war in Ukraine, while Epic Games, the publisher of popular battle royale game Fortnite, funneled the proceeds from in-game purchases to humanitarian relief for the region. Now, Devolver Digital, the publisher of the upcoming game Cult of the Lamb, has joined the cause by donating funds to aid Palestinians affected by Israel’s attacks on Gaza, and is urging others to do the same.

Devolver Digital announced its support for relief efforts in Gaza on its official Twitter account, revealing that it had donated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, an organization providing humanitarian aid to Palestinian families. The publisher encouraged its followers to also consider donating if they were able to do so.

While much of the gaming industry has remained silent about recent events in Israel and Palestine, there have been some notable exceptions. Work with Indies, an organization dedicated to supporting independent game developers, pledged to donate 100 percent of its October revenue to relief organizations, including the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and the World Food Program. Additionally, Esther Wallace, the founder of Oak Grove Games, is working on a Games For Gaza bundle on the platform, with the proceeds going toward Medical Aid For Palestinians.

Beyond the gaming industry, there has been a groundswell of support and fundraising efforts for relief in Gaza. Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker, a political commentator and occasional gamer, along with his Twitch community, has managed to raise over a million dollars in less than a week to help Palestinians. This further highlights the compassion and generosity of individuals and communities who are rallying behind the cause.

The ongoing protests and rallies in support of Palestinians around the world reflect the global concern and solidarity towards those affected by the conflict. With Devolver Digital taking the lead and issuing a call to action, it is hoped that other companies and organizations will follow suit and contribute to the relief efforts in Gaza.

The impact of the gaming industry’s involvement in humanitarian causes cannot be understated. Beyond providing financial support, these initiatives also raise awareness among millions of gamers, who can then spread the message and encourage others to contribute. This collective effort showcases the potential for positive change that gaming, as a global and inclusive medium, can bring.

As the crisis in Gaza continues, the support from Devolver Digital and other compassionate individuals and organizations serves as a much-needed lifeline for the affected communities. The funds raised will aid in providing critical humanitarian assistance, including medical care, food, and shelter, to those who have been displaced and injured by the conflict.

In a world where video games often dominate headlines for their controversies and criticisms, it is heartening to see the industry coming together to make a positive difference. The actions of Devolver Digital, as well as indie developers and individuals, demonstrate that gaming can be a source of unity, empathy, and social responsibility. By leveraging their platforms and resources, they are helping to change lives and offer hope to those in need.

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