Overwatch: Tracer Comic Challenge Goes Live!

The Tracer Comic Challenge event is now live, making fans of the 5v5 game buzz with excitement. The event is active on all platforms and will be until September 28, 2020. This means avid gamers have about two weeks in order to exploit the new even and gather all the limited-edition rewards.

The event is based on the new comic series “London Calling”, first released on September 14. The comic follows Tracer years after Overwatch has disbanded, trying to offer a helping hand amongst the London streets. This installment is the first of a five-installment comic series, all set to be released in digital format. Read the first series here.

Among the cosmetic items players can aim to earn there is a player profile icon, a spray and a brand-new skin. The skin is perhaps what fans of Overwatch are the most excited for—as it features Tracer covered in panels directly from the London Calling comic. In order to win these items, players have to win matches in either of the game modes available: Quick Play, Competitive Plan or Arcade. In order to unlock each prize, players must win:

  • Three games – Player Icon
  • Six games – Spray
  • Nine wins – Skin

Additionally, six more limited edition sprays are being rewards for players that tune in on specific Overwatch Twitch streamers for a certain amount of time. If you watch a streamer for 2 hours, you get one spray, being able to get up to three different sprays. Each spray is reminiscent to the traditional comic book action bubbles.

Overall, the rewards in this event are pretty promising, specially the relatively free skin available to win. You can buy Overwatch for PC here if you haven’t already and start your journey into the modern future shooting extravaganza!

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