Move Over Sage—There is a New Healer Coming to Valorant

Skye is the new agent to be introduced to Valorant in the upcoming days. Set to be released on October 27th, Skye’s abilities are greatly centered around healing and keeping her squad safe and sound. With the aid of her animal companions—a Tasmanian Tiger, a Blinding Hawk and Seekers—Skye is bound to be a resourceful addition to any team.

Valorant Skye Abilities Showcase (New Agent) - YouTube

Skye’s abilities are bound to give Sage a run for her money. While Sage focuses on a sort of “crowd control”, Skye skills focus more on teamwork and enemy damage. In detail, her skills have been revealed to be:

  • C – Regrowth: Skye channels a heal to all allies in a determinate radius.

In order to heal various teammates at once, just make sure they are standing inside Skye’s green circle. The other teammates’ health bars are made visible at the top-left of the screen, as well below each player. This way, you can have full knowledge of who needs healing. One strong drawback from this ability, however, is that Sky is not affected by her own healing capacities. 

  • Q – Trailblazer: A Tasmanian Tiger is summoned and tries to concuss enemies.

Skye’s Trailblaze seems to be similar to Sova’s Owl Drone, in the sense that it offers an “out-of-body” experience. The player gets turned into tiger form, reducing her vision but offering the chance to concuss enemies. While an enemy is concussed, their vision becomes grey and blurry, making it impossible to attack. The tiger, however, can be eliminated with four body shots.

  • E – Guiding Light: Skye summons a hawk that blinds enemies.

Guiding Light works similarly to Trailblazer. Instead of summoning a lion, Skye summons a hawk that can be shot while on the air. All it takes is 3 body shots to kill our feathery pal. Upon activation, it blinds opponents.

  • X – Seekers: A group of Seekers is summoned to nearsighted enemies.

The ultimate attack for Skye is tiny “orbs” called Seekers, that are capable of traveling around corners. Nearsighted enemies are revealed and disoriented. These are evidently useful on bomb sites.

As a fan of Sage myself, I cannot wait to try out this new agent. Skye might just become mine—and I am sure that many others’—new favorite healer.

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