League of Legends’ Newest Champion Meets Backlash Days Before Her Release

League of Legends’ newest champion is a K-Pop star and social media influencer named Seraphine. Seraphine is alleged to be the newest addition to the Mid Lane and Support Role roster. As a Mid/Support main myself, I was thrilled to hear about this champion. However, its latest spotlight had left a sour taste on my mouth.

While Seraphine is visually stunning on her splash art and a vibrant addition to the game, her skills are uncannily similar to a Demacian virtuoso we’ve all come to appreciate. In fact, many hardcore League of Legends fans have called Seraphine the “discount Star Guardian”, “the biggest disappointment of the year” and a Sona 2.0. Some fans even claim Seraphine doesn’t fit into the League of Legends lore, at all. Instead, many see her as a marketing weapon for Riot’s K/DA brand.

Riot Confirms Seraphine x K/DA Collaboration | HYPEBAE

It is true Seraphine’s skills are very similar to Sona’s. However, I do believe this will not be an issue when Sona’s rework rolls out in 2021. According to multiple online forums dedicated to League of Legends, Sona’s gameplay will be changed drastically next year, and thus, I’d suggest fans not to get too worked up over her current similarities with Seraphine.

If the whole backlash against Seraphine was solely based on what was previously exposed, I’d agree 100% with it. However, there is another issue looming upon Seraphine’s release. Part of the champion’s marketing was creating her own social media profiles in Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify. While some fans claim that more effort was placed in her marketing campaign instead on the actual champion, others are getting upset over a series of tweets made by the account (here and here), that seem to be mocking artists with genuine mental health issues. I personally feel this was done while trying to portrait the character as “relatable” and “approachable” and that no offense should be taken from this. Many Twitter users, however, will deeply disagree with me.

It is, in fact, too early to truly judge this champion. My recommendation is to wait until October 31st, which is when she’s released, try her out, and only then emit a proper review. Can’t judge a book by its cover!

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