The International 10 IS BACK: Valve Reveals Proposed Date and Location

It’s been a while since the world last heard updates from Valve’s much-awaited The International 10 event. Amidst a pandemic and social distancing regulations all around the world, fans were left in a sort of limbo regarding when and where this event would take place. Luckily enough, Valve has revealed important details, and needless to say, we are excited.

For those of you that might be unfamiliar with The International or are just getting into Dota 2 as a proper e-sport—here’s a quick rundown. The International is a Dota 2 annual worldwide championship organized by Valve themselves. The International is the biggest and most prestigious on the Major Championship Circuit from Valve. Every year, Valve directly invites teams from all around the world to participate. A qualifying phase is also opened for those aspiring players that wish to showcase their abilities. China, Malaysia, United States, Russia and Sweden are all strong participants in TI.

European Dota 2 fans will be thrilled to learn that TI10 has been programmed for August 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden. In a statement released by Valve themselves, the company states:
“Our outlook right now is that we are anticipating the start of DPC to be in the first month or two of 2021…We are also operating under the assumption that the most likely outcome is for The International to happen in Stockholm in August 2021”, giving fans everywhere hope.

The location choice falls accordingly with Valve’s decision of turning The International into a traveling show and experience. The International was originally set in Germany. However, it had taken place in North America up until 2019, where its location shifted to Shanghai. It was in a broadcast for TI9 that Stockholm had been announced as the next host city, before its ultimate suspension.

While the location has been confirmed, a venue is yet to be announced. It is unlikely that this information will be disclosed at this time; Valve will instead announce it closer to the event’s date. A strong option, however, is the Ericsson Globe, an indoor arena located in Stockholm Globe City. Famous because of its distinctive architecture and its iconic representation of the Sun in the Sweden Solar System, this venue is bound to attract fans and participants from all around the world.

While exact details are still unknown, speculation has taken over the Dota 2 community. Frankly, we are all expectant of what else might be revealed. For now, we can only come up with theories!

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