Team OG Looking To Crack Down on Scam Streamers

N0tail, famed captain of two-time TI winners OG, stated that the team is looking to counter a new trend in scam stream accounts popping up and impersonating their players.

OG confirmed that the fake accounts are “broadcasting stolen content” and “associate it to undesirable activities.” Essentially, the scam streamers are broadcasting primarily recorded versions of Topson’s stream, whilst offering an ‘Arcana Giveaway’.

The organisation said it’s “actively trying to solve the matter,” but it’s a difficult process to stop, and N0tail has urged fans to confirm that they’re visiting the official stream rather than the fake ones.

“We saw the need to address this topic directly, because unfortunately, some of these streams are pretending to be OG Players,” said N0tail, the captain of OG’s Dota 2 squad. “Our fans are very important to us, and we are trying to get this solved.”

Will this start a new trend of scam streamers on twitch? And will this force the streaming giant to re-approach account creation and go-live capabilities?

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