DOTA 2 Tournaments: EPIC League Season 2 is Here

Epic Esports, the world-renowned producer of magnificent eSport Events, announced yesterday the second season of its EPIC League Dota 2 Tournament. Season 2 is set to kick off on Thursday, October 29th, starting with open qualifiers. Due to the biological conditions, most of the world is still undergoing, the tournament will be completely online, naturally. This event will fully replace the Season 2 of the Omega League.

EPIC League Season 2 will feature star talent from the CIS and Europe region, with matches being divided into two divisions.  While the open qualifiers will span for over two days, the closed qualifiers will be held from November 3 to November 11. Participants will then be announced a later date, and division games will be held from November 12th to December5th. Finally, the playoff stage will be from December 8th to December 13th.

Among the confirmed participants for the first division are Team Secret,, OG, Nigma, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, and Alliance. These, and many other talented teams, will be competing to win the much desired US $500,000 grand prize. Second division teams will be competing for a lesser, but still desirable, US $50,000 prize.

Ever since major eSports events, such as The International, were suspended this year, the DOTA 2 eSports scene has been watching its slow demise. With no proper response from Valve regarding lacking events, many professional teams and loyal fans have been left feeling frustrated and uncertain about their futures. Epic Esports hopes that with this top-tier tournament, fans’ excitement will be ignited once again, and they come to enjoy yet another event as the ESL One Germany draw to a close.

If you’d like to stay tuned with further events in the DOTA 2 eSport scenario, make sure to follow Epic Esports’ official twitter account!

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